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Keep Desert Hot Springs Beautiful!

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If you have ever driven down the highway anywhere in the Coachella Valley, you have probably seen them: tires! Old, scrap tires are just thrown away on the side of the road, in vacant lots and abandoned alleys. Besides being unsightly, this is also illegal.

The Coachella Valley Association of Governments has banded together to organize a series of used tire collection events in 2014 and 2015 to combat the problem of illegal dumping and help keep the Coachella Valley beautiful.


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The Desert Hot Springs used tire recycling event will be held at the Desert Hot Springs Public Works Yard (map), 65-810 Hacienda Ave. on Saturday, December 13th from 8am-12pm. Stop by to dispose of your used tires and help keep your city clean!

All Coachella Valley residents are welcome! Proof of residency is required.

Help ensure that all used tires are collected safely and recycled, residents can transport up to 9 tires maximum per trip. Multiple trips are okay. Please bring passenger and light truck tires only. NO semi truck, construction equipment or agricultural tractor tires are accepted. Tires from businesses and non-profits will not be accepted. ALL tires must be removed from the rims.

Help keep the cities Clean and Green! For more information about this event please call 760-329-6411 ext. 218 or 562-944-4766.

For more upcoming tire events in Coachella Valley, see this flyer.


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