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At Home and In the Classroom: Tips For Back to School Recycling

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Autumn has arrived, which means kids and parents nationwide are in full, back-to-school mode. The change of seasons can mean changing of habits, especially when it comes to the three R’s: reducing, reusing, and recycling. But by implementing just a few, common sense practices into your back-to-school routine, you can teach your children all about the value of saving the Earth!


At Home


Reusable lunch bags and aluminum water bottles can have informative recycling messages like these.


  • Ditch the brown bag! Use a reusable lunch bag or make your own. Use a reusable water bottle and reusable food containers. Instead of plastic bags, plastic forks and paper napkins, use tupperware containers, cloth napkins or towels, and reusable silverware.
  • Reuse last year’s school supplies. TIP: Flip through old spiral notebooks for unmarked paper. Three-hole punch loose notebook paper and then add it to your child’s 3-ring binder. No need to buy new notebook paper!
  • If you need to buy new school supplies, look for products made of recycled materials.
  • Old paper shopping bags make great textbook covers. Learn how.


For more tips and links on how to best outfit your child for back-to-school recycling, visit CalRecycle.

In the Classroom


Students ready to recycle!

  • Join an environmental club on campus (or better yet, start one yourself!). Environmental clubs are a great way for students to learn about environmental issues in their community. Students can organize recycling fundraisers for their school, coordinate school and neighborhood clean-ups, and volunteer for environmental programs like those hosted by Heal the Bay or Keep America Beautiful.


  • Set up recycling stations in your classrooms and around campus. Every classroom should have a container for trash, aluminum, and plastic. Plastic bottles and aluminum soda cans, can be redeemed for cash. Teachers should encourage their students to recycle these items in-class and the revenue from recycling them can go towards buying classroom supplies. Have fun with it! Foster a healthy sense of competition by challenging other classrooms to see who can collect the most money for their teacher. To find a recycling center near your school, visit www.bottlesandcans.com!


  • Paper can be recycled, too! Reuse scratch paper and set up a bin for recycling old school work, newspapers (even cardboard!). Just make sure all staples and paperclips are removed first.


To find information on how to start a recycling program at your school, visit CalRecycle.

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