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Gardena & Cerritos Schools Make $$$ From Recycling

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This spring, six elementary schools took part in the 5th annual Earth Day Recycling Competition put on by the City of Gardena, the City of Cerritos and KJServices Environmental Consulting.

Two schools from the City of Cerritos participated in this year’s Earth Day Recycling Competition: Carver Academy and Joe A. Gonsalves Elementary. Students from Carver earned nearly $500 from collecting recyclable bottles and cans. The 5th grade class were the big winners, gathering the most of any grade level (see photos below).


The students of Jose A. Gonsalves Elementary in Cerritos collected over 1,100 pounds of cans and bottles, netting their school a profit of over $1,200.  Things always get very competitive between the grade levels at Gonsalves, resulting in some very robust collection totals! Ultimately, the 5th graders, backed by the strength of the Student Council, won out.


The 5th graders’ impressive totals even earned an article in the local Los Cerritos News!

The winner grades of each school were treated to an ice cream party for their efforts. Below, 5th graders from Carver Academy in Cerritos enjoy the spoils of their victory.


Meanwhile in Gardena, Denker Avenue Elementary had their best year ever, collecting over 900 pounds of bottles & cans!


Happy Denker Avenue Elementary students stand next to their huge collection of recycling!

Kindergarten was the winning grade level, although the fifth graders gave them a run for their money. All the grade levels pulled out all the stops at Denker this year, earning their school nearly $900 in fundraising. Congrats, Denker!



Amestoy Elementary Kindergartners came through big time!


Thank you to the parent volunteers who help us sort through the recycling every year!

Over at Amestoy Elementary, students and parent helpers contributed to a big win by the Kindergarten class. The Kindergartners helped contribute to a total of over 850 lbs of recycling collected from the school; that equals more than $900 of fundraising for Amestoy. Great job!


The only thing Amestoy Kindergartners love more than collecting recyclables, is eating their ice cream prize!


Chapman Elementary and 135th St. Elementary also did a great job this year, collecting 425 lbs and 118 lbs of recyclables, respectively.  Special shout-out to the students from Chapman, who came out to recycle their bottles & cans even in the rain!


All smiles despite a rainy day!


Second graders from Chapman Elementary pose next to their winning pile of recyclables.


It was the littlest helpers who did the most at 135th St. Elementary, as the Pre-K class brought in the most recyclables of any grade level. The students earned more than $150 for their school. Great job, 135th!



Pre-K students lining up to recycle!


Pre-K kids stayed afterwards to learn more about all kinds of recycling.


Earth Day recycling events like these are one of the best ways to get kids interested and excited about helping our environment. Plus, fundraising gets students, faculty and parents involved in school spirit AND spreads a great environmental message that carries over to recycling at home and in the classroom. For more information on school recycling programs, contact Kevin of KJServices at (562) 944-4766 or email info@kjservicesenviro.com.

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