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Meet The Team

Kevin Sales – Principal

Kevin J. Sales is a recycling and waste reduction professional who specializes in the planning and development of effective recycling and waste reduction programs and their supporting educational programs. Representing a large range of clients including municipalities and private businesses, Mr. Sales is a “full service” professional capable of providing assistance in a variety of areas including residential, commercial and industrial, and construction & demolition recycling programs, as well as special wastes such as used oil, household hazardous waste, tires, and C&D.  Mr. Sales has also developed and implemented community surveys aimed at tracking the effectiveness of community outreach materials and measuring their impact on the behavior of residents.  Mr. Sales has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, and has over 25 years’ experience in the Solid Waste and Recycling Industry.

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Mariana Sales – Consultant

Mariana is “2nd in Command” at KJServices.  She oversees the office and directly manages the staff.  In addition she is in charge of managing the pollution prevention programs for all KJServices’ client cities.  With a strong background in advertising and having been a professional proofreader, Mariana makes sure that all materials developed by KJServices for our clients pass her stringent review before being produced and distributed to the public.  Mariana also manages many of KJServices community outreach efforts and has staffed countless community information booths answering both residents’ questions and surveying and assessing residents’ awareness and use of environmental programs.  She has over 20 years’ experience with the Used Oil Recycling program, the Bottle and Can Recycling program, and other solid waste specialty programs.



Kristen Sales – Associate Consultant

Kristen Sales has worked for KJServices in various capacities since 2005, as an administrative assistant, event staff, social media coordinator, and Associate Consultant. Kristen maintains KJS’ internet presence, promoting contact with cities, school districts, community services and environmental agencies across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Her social media outreach is an integral part of advertising recycling events in Southern California communities and has resulted in an increase in participation with younger demographics in used oil, waste tire, and other environmental events.  Kristen is also in charge of media buys, customer relations, and is the Lead Consultant for the city of Whittier. Kristen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Studies from the University of California, Irvine.