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New Year’s Resolution: Recycle Your Electronic Waste!

If you didn’t get any new electronics this holiday, I bet you know someone who did. Christmas is the time for giving: cellphones, computers, tablets, printers, and other electronics top the gift lists of many Americans. But in with the new means out with the old. Where do these old electronics go?



Electronic waste (or e-waste) is classified as hazardous waste–it can’t go in the regular trash. Because of components like cathode rays, lead and other chemicals, e-waste must be recycled separately, just like used motor oil or medical waste.

E-waste can be recycled in LA County at several events, both at Household Hazardous Waste Roundups and at permanent collection centers located throughout the county.

Los Angeles County HHW events in January


But it’s not just the holidays that produce a lot of e-waste. In fact, Americans produce over 65 pounds of electronic waste per person per year! You probably have tons of e-waste around the house you may not even realize is toxic. HHW items include: computers, printers, televisions, VCRs, cell phones, fax machines, stereos, and electronic games. For a full list of where and when to recycle your e-waste (and what items are accepted) visit the LA County Department of Public Works.