KJ Services Environmental Consulting

Recycling Expertise… Not Recycled Ideas!

About Us

Founded in 1997, KJServices is a full service recycling consulting firm, specializing in recycling program design and implementation, community education and outreach, and State compliance and reporting issues, meeting the needs of city, county and private industry clients. KJServices provides comprehensive, real world solutions to the recycling and environmental challenges faced by both public and private organizations.

KJServices has provided its services to many different clients, facing a number of different recycling and environmental issues, including:

Solid Waste Management

With a strong background in Solid Waste, KJServices provides its clients with the expertise and experience necessary to assess and monitor solid waste activities. KJServices’ expertise in this area extends from the monitoring of solid waste haulers to verify compliance with cities’ existing franchise agreements, to review of waste haulers operations to assess their service levels and safety, verification of their reported disposal totals, and confirmation of the accuracy of the number of accounts reported to the city. With years of experience in the solid waste industry in Southern California, and a special expertise in solid waste operations, KJServices provides its municipal clients with complete solid waste management consulting services.

Recycling Program Design and Implementation

Designed and implemented recycling plans for residential curbside collection programs, multi-family recycling and waste reduction, commercial and industrial recycling programs, food waste recycling, and construction and demolition recycling programs. Responsibilities included complete oversight of each project including advertising and education, waste audits, recycling route schedules, reporting of collected tonnages, and establishment of account audit procedures to ensure that the recyclables collected met the established material criteria.

Implementation and Monitoring of Special Waste Recycling Programs

KJServices has gained substantial experience in the area of Special Waste Recycling. We have worked with many clients throughout Southern California on projects such as Used Oil Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste Management and Education, Waste Tire Amnesty programs, Medical Waste, and Construction and Demolition debris. KJS staff has successfully written, received, and managed grants from the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) / CalRecycle on all these Special Waste types.

Residential Recycling Program Education and Community Outreach

Designed, wrote, and created numerous educational and community outreach tools to support recycling and waste reduction activities in several Los Angeles county cities. Projects included printed materials, videos, radio spots, promotional items and community outreach events. Tasks included widespread and comprehensive civic group presentations and school education assemblies. KJServices Environmental Consulting incorporates many Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) techniques in its approaches to public education. In particular we focus on understanding the barriers to participation faced by environmental programs and then work with residents through face-to-face education to overcome these barriers and affect positive behavioral changes in the residential target audience.

State Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Prepared the State required reports outlining cities’ progress toward meeting their recycling and waste reduction goals. Reporting process included meeting with City Staff and approval by the municipalities’ City Council. Additionally reviewed the cities’ State required planning documents to measure progress toward implementation of all required recycling and waste reduction programs.

Grant Writing and Project Management

Developed and wrote numerous recycling program applications for both public and private grant programs. Recycling grant programs developed included Used Oil collection and recycling programs, Household Hazardous Waste programs, Medical Waste, Storm Water Prevention, Waste Tire Amnesty Day Collections, Playground Equipment and Surfacing Grants, and Beverage Container recycling activities.

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